Lessons Learned…


PR Fundamentals II is coming to a close and I find myself reflecting on the past 6 weeks with a variety of thoughts.  I am shocked at how quickly the time has passed.  While it feels like we covered so much material, it made me realize that there is still so much to learn.

I’ve learned that public relations is a never-ending education.  I don’t believe that you ever truly know everything there is to know.  Obviously, with time and experience, you gain an understanding and appreciation for the finer points; however, frequent changes in our culture mean frequent changes in the industry.  You must always be open to learning and must always be willing to accept and adapt to change.

PR isn’t just about the touchy-feely “earned media” aspect of the business.  It is, in fact, a business and that must always be remembered.  It isn’t just getting your companies name in the paper or on the evening news.  It involves crawling through the trenches to ensure you are doing everything you can for your agency and/or client.  It is ensuring that you sell your business and are compensated for the value that you provide to your client.

Group work can be tough; however, with open and respectful communication, it can also be extremely rewarding.  Learning from others who have different skills than you, sharing your own unique gifts, and coming together to create something unique and valid, is such an amazing experience.  I have cherished the time I have spent working with my CMHR group during this course.  I have nothing but respect for each of the amazing women I worked with and I know, without question, that I am a stronger person (both professionally and personally) after this experience.

I greatly enjoyed this course and am looking forward to applying the knowledge (both theoretical and practical) that I have gained as I progress in my new career.